Waterloo, Navigation and lights

Napoleon got his come uppance at Waterloo and so did I – almost yesterday. Wellington was not involved however as Today D3 I pass through a place of that name.

D2 started from the Bodmin Premier inn and a 1mile bit on the A30 as joined by Banksy again (his last day) we set off to visit Jim an old work colleague who lives in the tiny hamlet of Waterloo. It involved some extra descent and also some brutal 14% climbs too. Coming early in the day, it was too soon for another breakfast, but Jim had offered, it was very good and we accepted!

i thought I’d found a way of getting there with only one double black arrow climb, but sadly didn’t see where my GPS marker was and ended up at the valley bottom and had to do another extra climb to get back up again. This got worse when I left a water bottle at Jims and had to ride back up the hill to get it.Extra brekkie at Jims