Sunshine after the rain

Shrewsbury Friends The A Team image Ready for the off! image Super CafêIt’s amazing how quickly one can travel up this wonderful country of ours. Already at Whitchurch and all being well Preston by the end of day 6.

This morning began with another great breakfast at the excellent Southbank B&B in Hereford. Later on Jane Stubley handed over a cheque that Robert and Hilary added to the cause. Looks like the total is now over £6500.

Outside the rain was lashing down and Paul (Stubley) and I set off up a steep hill before a lovely ride North. Actually after a couple of hours, the rain abated and Sun broke through – happy days.

Overall we made good progress over the undulating roads, great views and lovely buildings at every glance.

Lunch was at the excellent Berry’s cafe in Church Stretton, they had a real fire too, which helped to dry and warm us. The cottage pie and cake helped too.

the villain of the day was the A49 and some of the rudest drivers I’ve encountered. Yes we were causing some hold ups but it now tops London for being cycling unfriendly. In fact other than a 7 mile stretch we shouldn’t have been on it other than for an unfortunate navigational error at Wem. The result being an extra 5 miles and another 7 on the A49.

The day ended with us meeting Jon and Linda Boor. Jon is cycling with me tomorrow. Paul Jon and Jane then worked like Trojans to get my spare bike fitted with panniers ready for tomorrow.

Tommorow im also hoping to see Stu and Clare who’ve been on a boating break nearby and another friend in the Haydock area.

Im very keen to finish in daylight from now on as after dark the temperature is dropping fast.

Fitness wise I’m doing well, having been shown some stretching exercises by Paul that really helped.

Anyway, time for Bed, packed and ready to get an earlier start tomorrow.