Moffat Toffee and some chewing!

A sunny welcome into Scotland became wet, very wet, dry and wet by turns!

Irish Broth (not Scots) apparantly from the Ecclefechan Hotel revived me for the hilly bit to Moffat.

last night I enjoyed Dinner at the excellent Buccluech Arms Hotel and a sound sleep too.

Tony Couch joined me for Dinner and also brought me some Moffat Toffees, how come I’d never heard of these gems!

Anyway, after chewing on one I’ve decided to head East and not West. Weather and what may be coming along with sunset times drawing in will see me today head out towards Edinburgh and in a day or so catch the A9 at Perth. Doing this will save several hours cycling, maybe adding some hillier bits, we’ll see.

I’ll look at it in more detail tonight.


ps Some photos next time.