Musings, mentality and Miles

I arrived in Blair Atholl earlier this evening and this village is the perfect outdoor venue in the Cairngorms National Park. For walkers/climbers there are more Munro’s nearby than you can shake a stick at, white water, Fishing and super cycling all to be had!
Just had my meal and now enjoying a pint of Bellhaven Best ‘the cream of Scottish Beer’ and I wouldn’t disagree! I’ll sleep well tonight. The disco and live band are in full swing too, some great tunes. Music can send my mood soaring like an eagle on the thermals of joy! When you are happy it’s not possible to be sad.
Today I covered just over 65 miles in stunning scenery with only one navigational ‘balls up’, due to me being too interested in some migrating geese and missing a turn – cost me 2 miles!
Met Steven Black an old colleague after 4 miles this Morning. Ruth saw the photo of me sitting in his car having a coffee and said ‘you didn’t even look tired!’, at the time I commented that it was the reviving properties of hot coffee. Having only been pedalling for 20 minutes at the time certainly helped too!
I’ve seen my heart rate lowered quite considerably these past 10 days, strenuous continuous exercise helps and a key factor in keeping going hour after hour is getting the carbs intake right and maintained throughout the day. Messed that up to start with on Wednesday but recovered late in the day. It’s a learning curve.
All the messages, calls, friends riding and seeing me en route are making a difference to my mood. Some detected I was a little down earlier in the trip and I was thinking ‘crumbs, what have I done, can I do it? will I fail? Negative messages feeding into my mind. Luckily I adopt a ‘little by little’ approach and build up to the full day, week etc! Now I’m feeling very positive, not complacent though as there are about 200 miles left and they will be hard miles. However even if I’m crawling uphill at 4mph then I am still moving forward.
Now that I’m on the A9 it’s a case of ‘Nearer by far’! I’m amazed at how the map is being crossed. The oddest thing cycling by Maggie’s Aunts farm near Edinburgh – turning up on my bike from lands End! Me!
The A9 is scary and so I’m cycling some of the old A9 tomorrow, it’s more scenic, sCoffee with Steven Another County The brains More brains Today's goal The firs Eric A treatafe and enjoyable – even if it does take longer. I’m a big fan of safe cycling and the NCW (national cycle network) is an amazing thing, but it does need investment from Government. The benefits of exercise are indisputable – I’m proof of that. Being able to reap the benefits without being wiped out by a vehicle from behind that you didn’t see coming is worth investment. Still cycling on busy roads does help focus. Earlier in the week I almost nodded off such was my metronomic action, not today