Does anyone ride a bike?

Blair Atholl Blair Atholl image A bech on NCW 7 made of old ski's image image image image imageWell it’s day ?? . I’m in my usual routine of having woken up after dozing off with my washing drying on the radiator and kit strewn all over the room and bed. Today and yesterday I’ve seen cars laden with bikes heading North and yet seen very few actually cycling – must be some big Mountsin biking event on? For the majority of the time it has just been me heading North, with no other End to Ender’s evident. Until I reached Aviemore when passing the other way was a chap who looked like ‘old father time’ (I.e very bearded, old and wearing a kilt with enough kit to circumnavigate the globe). “Don’t look Ethel – too late she’d already seen” Remember that line from a 70’s song?

The A9 does what it says on the label and gets motorists from Perth to Inverness quickly but bypasses most of the interesting stuff. So today I took the little roads and experienced Lochs, nature reserves, enough dead cock pheasants to feed the 5000 and used the much maligned NCW route 7 without incident. In places it was necessary to slow down on the rough, small rock strewn Tarmac as the feeling my 700x25c’s were about to pop was very real, but they didn’t thank goodness. This did impact on the average speed, but I’m in no big rush.

So almost 58 miles ticked off in the remote grandeur of the highlands. The stage from Blair Athol to Dalwhinnie was the remotest of my ride so far, It’s also noticeably colder today.

So next up is the 24 miles to Inverness with the schlod summit climb and another one or two then a 2+ mile descent into the Capital of the Highlands and once over the Kessock Bridge it’s up the East coast mainly heading NE on an A9 that gets quieter as you go (relatively speaking), there are some spectacular views to be had and whilst in my opinion this stretch does not rival the NW Highlands in awesome beauty it’s still big on a cyclists ‘to do list’ and has some wonderful sights. (Note to self, ride the NW Highlands in the Summer months). Just need to decide how to split the 141 up. 63 miles to Dornoch next is looking favourite at the minute.

in summary 141 miles give or take to go. I’d meant to write this post earlier, but the highlands air, a lovely dinner and a pint of wildcat left me conked out on the bed!

Finally, today has seen the Total rise again with requests for the sponsorship link and some more donations. Thank You – I’m very grateful and Unless you are a totally anonymous sponsor I will be getting in touch to thank you personally..


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