Downhill to the top – almost!

Today saw the 3rd highest point on the ride and some long descents, miles in some cases with the occasional ascent to remind you that biking requires your input to move forward! A tad under 58 miles covered, could’ve ridden further, but no need.

Highlights? Well Schlod Summit, crossing the Kessock Bridge and the Cromarty Bridge. Being 85 miles from JoG is pretty cool too!

I came into Tain along a small road with houses named along the lines of ‘Ponderosa’ as you can guess horses outnumber sheep along this 7 mile stretch! Including a white horse which I called ‘Freedom’ named after a toy horse that my daughter Helen once had.

Tomorrow has probably the most brutal climb in over a week – Berriedale Brae. Lungs and legs burn in equal measure – then after that Dunbeath is a  milder version followed by a procession of undulations amongst sea views and bleakness that describes all of the UK’s coastal extremities.

The final few miles will be ridden on Wednesday morning all being well.

Dinner in a Castle tonight – I don’t do that often. A jacuzzi bath too.

Several people have sponsored the ride today and so £7000 has been reached!

Feeling relaxed!


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