Mist, Rain and Splendour

A good day in the saddle yesterday that began with a gradual climb up from Moffat to the Devil’s Beef Tub, although the tub itself was hidden with a thick image image image image imagemist, which probably was why it was so effective as a hiding place in the days of cattle/sheep rustling!

The Scottish borders are bleak and beautiful by turns and very up and down. I found a nice tea shop at Bfoughton late morning and then happened to pass by Margaret (Mrs B’s) Aunt mid afternoon too. It was then the rain set in and persisted until I reached the Forth road Bridge. The Highlight from a riding perspective was riding over it. The new bridge to my left under construction plus a view of the new Aircraft carrier at a Rosyth and Leith and the majestic rail bridge to my right (that I look forward to crossing next week on my way home).

i think there are about 260 miles to go, with some remote stretches as I cross the Cairngorms. Days pass into night and Im quite tired to will probably stop in the Pitlochry area tonight to be fresh for bleak bits of the A9 tomorrow.


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