My GPX Routes: Maps For England and Wales

Last week I published my high level route with planned daily stopping points. This week I have added the daily route I will be taking on Google maps. You can zoom in and see exactly where I should be passing through. I’ve no idea how or if I can link that to GPS my exact location at any given moment, however If you are anywhere near and want to say Hi or ride along, ring or text me or link in via Apple’s ‘Find a Friend’. My total is now £2099 (£2555 inc Gift Aid). I’m leaving for Cornwall 4 weeks tomorrow!

Day 1 – Thursday October 2nd – Lands End to Bodmin – 69 Miles

Day 2 – Friday October 3rd – Bodmin to Crediton – 75 Miles

Day 3 – Saturday October 4th – Crediton to Clevedon – 82 Miles

Day 4 – Sunday October 5th – Clevedon to Hereford – 63 Miles

Day 5 – Monday October 6th – Hereford to Whitchurch – 78 Miles

Day 6 – Tuesday October 7th – Whitchurch to Preston – 74 Miles

Day 7 – Wednesday October 8th – Preston to Penrith – 85 Miles

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