Raindrops keep falling on my head

Sampling gels! Morale booster Jon and Linda Barging along Warm! Bit of a blurI love the song of the same name by BJ Thomas. Cheerful song which I enjoyed listening too tonight.

Given the amount of water on the road Stu and Clare must have felt quite at home when they met Jon and I on the A49! Great to see you:). The A49 was in use today as navigation amongst the urban sprawl was tricky. Earlier in the Cheshire dairy fields we were routed across one, thwarted by a stile that unless you had a machete was too overgrown to thread a bike over! So a 3 mile detour! It’s not always possible to spot these in advance.

MacDonalds provided today’s haven from the elements and a chance to warm up.

Jon Boor was a real trooper today, like Paul yesterday he gritted his teeth and made the day much ,more enjoyable. The canal stretch near Nanteich was very pleasant.

just looked at tomorrow’s route which takes in the summit of Shap Fell, a bleak place at the best of times, so a tad nervous as heavy rain is forecast there mid to late afternoon. All I can do is keep pedalling. Oh and remember why I’m doing this ride in the first place – at least I’m able to get out and ride my bike and many people have so much more to worry about than a bit of weather. Having said that Gales are forecast in Scotland next week and the prospect is a worry. Time for bedtime prayers.

A late post as I nodded off earlier!


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  1. Well done Neil you really are fast becomming my hero!
    Good luck with the hills- at least you ( won’t/might/will) see some of that soft white stuff?

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