Update from Bodmin and £5923.00 is the new total raised.

I’m off and away! Here is an update for the first 2 days. I can also report that my Brooks saddle is pure bliss, the Barker Butt is pain free – so far!

After a dicey 3.5 mile ride across a wet London from KingX to Paddington I arrived in Penzance and bright sunshine.

Following the ‘official’ photo and a look across to the Longships Lighthouse I set off for Hayle and the wonderful Bostrase B&B.

The ride was eventful given that my bike was making some strange noises and I was baffled as to where they were coming from. After 10 miles I found out. The pannier, which is attached to the carbon frame with a small screw which had snapped and slipped between the wheel and the disc brake, luckily it didn’t slip into the wheel. It could’ve been far worse given the downhill bits. Was it knocked on the train or the weight of my panniers?Longships Lighthouse Off Lands End image Bodmin Premier Inn  end of day Latest collage Hayle Cycle Hero Tin mine remnants image Lunch

Halfords were no help at all – why buy bikes from them when there are many excellent bike shops out there! Ashley McDuffie of Hayle Cycles was a star and innovated a fix to my broken pannier mount. Great service, shame they are so far from P’boro.

After a shower at the B&B, Boo from ‘Bostrase’ sorted me a lift into Hayle where I enjoyed a lovely meal and great service at Antonino’s. Now that is ‘going the extra mile’.

Today began with a ride downhill into Hayle and straight to the bike shop at 9 to get the bike repaired – took 3 hours, but worth it. Then off to Bodmin and enjoying seeing the remains of the once famous Tin mining industry  In the afternoon. Was joined by Adrian Banks for most of the day, only seen him once in 20 years, will be good to catch up. Looking forward to riding some of the Camel trail tomorrow  – a first got me! Also bacon butties and hot tea with Jim Alington.

A steep 75 mile ride ahead to Crediton with a lot more of the brutal, incessant climbs this area is noted for. Not walked up a hill yet, hope I ca  say the same tomorrow.

On Sunday evening  I’m meeting Paul and Jane Stubley who are bringing up my spare bike and taking back my new one. Whilst my Roubaix is a thoroughbred designed for long day rides and light touring, it is like ‘war horse’ trying to plough. Unsuited to the task. My trusty secateur will do better! ( might get a bespoke tourer one day, don’t tell Maggie. 4 bikes + n might be pushing it!)

My new total is £5923.00! I’m in awe of the 160+ generous sponsors.

Wednesday stats:

Ride Time: 1:45:32
Stopped Time: 56:45
Distance: 18.93 miles (+ 3.5 in London)
Average: 10.76 mph
Fastest Speed: 36.28 mph
Ascent: 1177 feet
Descent: 1210 feet
Calories: 1141

Thursday stats

Ride Time: 4:55:14
Stopped Time: 4:42:49
Distance: 49.95 miles
Average: 10.15 mph
Fastest Speed: 36.56 mph
Ascent: 3949 feet
Descent: 3493 feet
Calories: 3811

Off for Dinner now. Night all!



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4 thoughts on “Update from Bodmin and £5923.00 is the new total raised.”

  1. Hi Neil,
    Don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm, but some damp and windy stuff is coming down from Scotland! Further curry might be required.
    Good luck and keep it going….

    1. Hi Geoff, the weather was kind to me other than a thorough soaking last Tuesday which was grim going. The bakes/rain that pummelled Scotland last week had departed before I arrived and other than it being cold I enjoyed amazing weather with just one hour of rain on Tuesdat afternoon. Still followed you tip and have enjoyed 2 excellent curries in Scotland!

  2. Your doing so well Neil. Keep pedaling and enjoy the ride. Hope you sampled the cider whilst down there and a clotted cream tea!

    1. Hi Pip,
      I certainly sampled some cider in the evening, but drew a blank on the cream tea, too much cycling to do before dark!
      That said I gave enjoyed Lemon drizzle and several bits of carrot cake along the way!

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