6 months ago I had a dream.

In 14 days I turn my dream into reality. Here is the latest collage of my generous sponsors. 124 donations to date. The current total stands at £4875.00 including gift aid. My original fundraising target was £3000 and now £5000 is within reach, with a number of promised pledges to follow in the coming weeks. All this adds up to great news for the three Charities (Sue Ryder/Crohns & Colitis/ Macmillan). Neil


I’ll be meeting up with a number of friends along the way, some I’ve not seen in years, others I see often, some will pedal with me for a while and others will be there to cheer me up with a smile. Some can’t be there, but their words of encouragement are ringing in my ears. How blessed am I.

“A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.”  – William Penn 


Penultimate Training Ride

I went out for a ride today with my CTC buddy’s which rolled into

Wishful thinking on my part!
Wishful thinking on my part!

Northamptonshire and onto some lovely roads and through ancient villages.

Joining the ride today were John and Janice on their Tandem, they have both ridden LeJog more than once and we had a good chat about routes and strategy. I was reminded again about the brutality of the Cornish and Devon hills, which have to be ridden to really appreciate how hard they are, 70 miles is a long long way in the SW. Whilst not especially high they are shortish, sharp and never ending (until Somerset that is!). That will be the hardest part I reckon as in the past, I’ve ridden out of Cornwall on the A30 (the road of death), which is a series of long drags up and long descents, but with high banking means a rider doesn’t see much. Which only left Devon’s hills.

One more ride next week, a 100 miler to Belvoir Castle that includes 3 cake stops (important motivator) and then other than a short peddle on the final weekend that will be it – service the bike, pack the panniers and be ready begin.

My GPX Routes: Maps For Scotland

Here are my daily route maps for Scotland, which is my favourite part of the ride. As with my earlier England & Wales post, these can be ‘zoomed’ into for my exact route, if you are anywhere nearby.

Day 8 – Thursday October 9th – Penrith to Moffat – 76 Miles

Day 9 – Friday October 10th – Moffat to Alexandria – 86 Miles

Day 10- Saturday October 11th – Alexandria to Glencoe – 70 Miles

Day 11 – Sunday October 12th – Glencoe to Inverness – 84 Miles

Day 12 – Monday October 13th – Inverness to Lairg – 65 Miles

Day 13 – Tuesday October 14th – Lairg to Bettyhill – 51 Miles

Day 14 – Wednesday October 15th – Bettyhill to Duncansby Head (Via John O Groats) – 54 Miles







My GPX Routes: Maps For England and Wales

Last week I published my high level route with planned daily stopping points. This week I have added the daily route I will be taking on Google maps. You can zoom in and see exactly where I should be passing through. I’ve no idea how or if I can link that to GPS my exact location at any given moment, however If you are anywhere near and want to say Hi or ride along, ring or text me or link in via Apple’s ‘Find a Friend’. My total is now £2099 (£2555 inc Gift Aid). I’m leaving for Cornwall 4 weeks tomorrow!


Day 1 – Thursday October 2nd – Lands End to Bodmin – 69 Miles

Day 2 – Friday October 3rd – Bodmin to Crediton – 75 Miles

Day 3 – Saturday October 4th – Crediton to Clevedon – 82 Miles

Day 4 – Sunday October 5th – Clevedon to Hereford – 63 Miles

Day 5 – Monday October 6th – Hereford to Whitchurch – 78 Miles

Day 6 – Tuesday October 7th – Whitchurch to Preston – 74 Miles

Day 7 – Wednesday October 8th – Preston to Penrith – 85 Miles

Route Plan

Route.jpgGlencoeDuncansby HeadCornwall

The ‘Final’ Route for my End 2 End ‘It’s not about the Bike’ Lands End to John O Groats Ride starting October 2nd 2014In aid of Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice, Macmillan and Crohns & Colitishttp://www.virginmoneygiving.com/NeilBarker1


Date Day Stage Miles
Wed 1st Oct Travel Travel to Penzance  
Thurs 2nd Oct 1 Land’s End to Bodmin 69
Fri 3rd Oct 2 Bodmin to Crediton 75
Sat 4th Oct 3 Crediton to Clevedon 82
Sun 5th October 4 Clevedon to Hereford 63
Mon 6th October 5 Hereford to Whitchurch 78
Tues 7th October 6 Whitchurch to Preston 74
Weds 8th Oct 7 Preston to Penrith 85
Thurs 9th Oct 8 Penrith to Moffat 76
Fri 10th Oct 9 Moffat to Alexandria 86
Sat 11th October 10 Alexandria to Glencoe 70
Sun 12th October 11 Glencoe to Inverness 84
Mon 13th Oct 12 Inverness to Lairg 65
Tues 14th Oct 13 Lairg to Bettyhill 51
Weds 15th Oct 14 Bettyhill to Duncansby Head (via JoGroats) 54
Thurs 16th Oct 15 Duncansby Head to Thurso 23
Fri 17th Oct Travel Inverness to Home